Tuesday, 11 November 2008

life is Just like box of chocolates^^

life is just like box of chocolates.......do u all understand the meaning of this sentences ? ok life is just like box of chocolates is not like wht u all think cabury,ferero ( no the sure the spelling ) hehe as we all know we cant see the future....whether 2morrow is raining or sunny....eventhough u watch weather forcast it is not 100% correct right ? it is just "ramalan" huhuhu...it is simple i give this example 2day is ur birthday and ur frenz give u a present a box of chocolate u know it is a chocolate but wht it looks like ? how it taste like ? see......get it now ok another example 2morrow is school day and u going to school but do u know wht will happend to u at school ? u will be bully ? or somebody kick ur ass hehehe....just kidding anyway wht my point is ...life is full of surprise sometimes it's good but sometimes worst......we just plan but God will decide 4 us....

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