Tuesday, 11 November 2008

final exam dah abis..... :)

speaking of exam mine is already finished....hopefully my result wont be any red marks^^and hopefully i can pass with flying colours :) ermm...i think that's not gonna happend T.T coz this year according to my zodiac this year is my lazy year....i didnt study at all...playing too much game....then sleep too much more than 8hr ofcoz but sometime less la hehe....haizzz actually wht i'm gonna tell u all lazyis kin to failure.....dan malas tu jugak adalah sikap org munafik jadi sape yg malas tu dia tu munafik kecil...jadi jgn jadi malas ok....dont be like me...nk spm baru nk belajar walaupun aku x amik hehe...=.=" hrmmm x tahu la nanti result camner mest kiok.... :( tapi x per thn depan ade lagi.....harap2 sejarah x kan berulang amin...^^ermm to be continue...
* this is suck^^ i'm writing about my final exam...and lazyness that's all idea dah kering nie :(


Fye_Near said...

har.. this before got red mark ar? lolz~
owh, ur askin' me about template?
do u know how to create CSS? or if u don't know u can edit it at www.pim-my-profile.com/ that site providing blogger template or u can easy choose any template on that site :)

arrabe' said...

study bcoz of allah..
not coz exam...
insyaallah allah akan permudahkan..


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