Saturday, 8 November 2008

Greatest hits.......

if u all fans of Lost ...thr is one epsidoe called Greatest hits...this episode is about a guy name charlie...and he knows he is going to the greatest hits mean that the best five moments in his life...btw charlie is a singer...he has a band with his brother^^ ok back to the topic....this is the greates hit of charlie..

#5the first time i heard myself on the radio
means his song was played on the radio

#4Dad teaching me swim at butlins...
his dad teaching him how to swim bcoz charlie have fobia with water

#3 The Christmas Liam Gave Me the Ring:Charlie wakes up in bed with two girls in Helsinki, Finland. Liam walks in to find him with them. Liam tells Charlie that he wants him to have the family heirloom, the DS ring. At first Charlie refuses, but then Liam explains the Charlie is ore likely to have a family than him.

#2 Woman Outside Covent Garden Calls Me a Hero:Charlie is singing at the corner of a street when it starts to rain. He packs up and leaves. While walking down the street, he notices a woman, Nadia, being mugged in an alley. He beats the mugger with his guitar case, and the mugger runs away. Nadia thanks him for saving her and calls him a hero

#1 The Night I Met You:On the first night on the island, Charlie and Claire met for the first time. Charlie gives her a blanket, and starts a conversation. He jokes around, asking if it is her first plane crash. Charlie says that they will be rescued soon.

the reason....i bring up this topic...coz sometime i feel if i know when i'm going to die...wht are the five greates hits i'm gonna write ??? and wht about u ?

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