Friday, 7 November 2008 first journey

ok....mula sy memperkenalkan diri sy lu...errm nama Im , umo 16 thn and next year going to be 17^^ spm hehe...takutnyer.Anda sume mesti tertanya2 xkan im jer kot nama penuh aper hehe...pasal tu rahsia XD....tapi kwn2 panggil sy IM termasuklah ahli keluarga sy....the reason y i put the title my first journey bcoz....this my first time writing a blog..if u find any mistake or u want to give any suggestion to imrove my blog i really2 welcome ur comment^^bocz i'm newbie here...anyway my is IM ok not i am = i'm coz sometimes few ppl getting confuse with my name... :) but i think is a cool name i'm IM cool huh ? this topic i'm not going to write much just as an intro for u all who viewing me right i mention earlier i'm 16 and i'm male...huhu 4 now i dont have any hobby can u all suggest one ? ^^ now bz prepare 4 spm eventhough it is 2009 but it is nth wrong if we prepare bit earlier ^^am i right ? hopefully can score in spm....anyway i love playing online games and love too watch anime but now i think it's kinda boring..... ><" hrmm....and i'm "kaki wayang " but now i already stop la no $$$.....huhu that's all for now......just wait for the next episode ok ? XD the end.........

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arrabe' said...

im wonder who's blog?
oo... im..
congratz.. let's begin the journey together..


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